Safe Transaction

STANOK Platform is the first industrial marketplace with a safe transaction function.

It is now possible due to an embedded escrow account offered by CJSC Sberbank-AST.

An escrow account agreement is a universal flexible financial tool and common global practice. It ensures maximum protection for each party to a transaction and guarantees the fulfilment of all contractual provisions by all contracting parties.

How does it work?

The Seller and the Buyer fill in their details on STANOK Platform and generate a transaction. The Buyer transfers money to the Underwriting Bank’s account. The funds are kept on that account pending fulfillment of the contract’s conditions by the Seller. The Seller fulfils their contracted obligations.
The Buyer confirms fulfilment of the Seller’s obligations. The Underwriting Bank transfers the money to the Seller, and the transaction is closed.

Why do we recommend this particular method for mutual settlements?

We aim to make business relations between our users convenient and safe. Escrow settlements minimize risks at all stages of contract implementation by contracting parties and protect their interests. The bank itself acts as a guarantor of the transaction safety.

Using this financial tool, you can enter into contracts of sale and make settlements with operators of related services.

This option is only available to residents of the Russian Federation.

Any questions?

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