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STANOK has been designed to ensure ease and safety of the equipment buy and sell process. This is why there is and will be no obtrusive advertising on this resource that is useless for participants. However, we are prepared to consider placing of themed advertising of interest for our users.

Benefits of advertising on STANOK:

  • • A limited number of advertisers as a guarantee that your advertising will be viewed by visitors.
  • • A segmented audience to make a concrete proposal to and receive a prompt response from.
  • • We regularly interact with our audience (via the website, social networks, emailing), so your advertising will be guaranteed multiple viewing.

For details of advertising, please, write to

We are open for contacts with mass media and writing insightful press materials. We are ready to share our experience and take part in creating content. If you have interesting proposals, please, send them to, and we will certainly review them.

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